gvA Update

The Trap of Sand and Poverty The great Ugandan singer Eddy Kenzo with his latest hit Bender, bends my attention to the power of sand and poverty, even though the kids are having fun with his wonderful music. Clearly from anecdotal data it seems that if you cannot subdue sand, sand will subdue you. If you are already poor, do not allow desertification to catch up with you. It brings more poverty with it, with its much sand. Any community that desertification catches will be made poor. Its sand it's overwhelming. Sand being everywhere is proof that poverty is abounding. Sand and poverty tend to go together. Every community should know its sand and poverty index number. When you see it going down, you know your poverty is declining, and if it's rising, your poverty is increasing. Poverty is always and everywhere the result of the inability of man to acquire the empowerment needed to control the challenges of his environment. Sometimes, poverty can so capture you in the sand that you begin to be oblivious of its chains and shackles. In many poor communities, children simply play in the sand and look extremely happy because to them the condition is so typical and so familiar. Their parents cheer them on, themselves already the prisoners of sand and poverty. Fortunately, there are now measures to free people from the dehumanizing bondage of poverty without needing much money to get started. Folks what starts the journey to wealth creation is not money. It is ideas. Our hidden economics for you.


Posted: Apr 27th, 2017 @ 08:03:44 AM