gvA Update

The inimitable and irreplaceable Michael Jackson, in his historic earth song. What about us? What about the bleeding earth? What about the animals? What about the trees? What about the rain? Where did we go wrong? What about us? What about the crying man? What about that woman? What about their land? What about their food and their livelihood? What about the school fees? What about the babies? What about their fishing? What about their income? What about when the oil is even all gone? What about generations to come? Where did we go wrong? What about us? Thank you Michael Jackson. Folks it is okay for people to express their anger in crying. A righteous indignation is good. It is good for everyone. Let us never muzzle someone who is crying for attention and help from a disastrous situation. Whether it be in the North, The West, the East or the South. Let us never even attempt to muffle them so their so called noise will not be heard. A righteous anger us good. If attended to it helps to avoid a vicious and damaging expression. When people cry over the pollution of their land is it ok. What do you expect them to do? Just keep quiet? Just go away? People don't normally do that. So let us look for any righteous anger and see into how as a people we can address it. The much talked about Ogoni environmental clean up is happening because of righteous anger expressed on a global stage. Now the whole world might be coming to help. And this help should bring economic revival not only to Ogoni but also to the rest of the Niger Delta with spill over benefits to the country as a whole. So folks where ever necessary let people vent their righteous anger, it produces good economic benefits for all. Let's not turn kingdoms to dust. What about us? Our hidden economics for you.


Posted: Apr 7th, 2017 @ 02:25:38 AM