gvA Update

The environmental crisis facing Nigeria and in particular the Niger Delta offers the opportunity for economic revival. This economic revival will start obviously where the problem is and spread from there. If so, there is opportunity for environmentally related economic revival to start not only from the Atlantic ocean but also from the Sahara desert up north. And so rather than been squeezed from both ends, the nation can push back north and south. We will soon do a story on the terrible encroachment of the Sahara desert. I have always stated that man was made to subdue the earth. However, always and everywhere, whenever man fails to subdue the earth, the earth will subdue man. To subdue the earth, you need capital, human and physical. So what happened in the Niger Delta? Here is what happened. First, because of the lack of skills, our governments and our people were unable to notice and therefore failed to stop the flagrant violations that were taken place in the spirit of crude oil exploration. The international oil companies, technical partners of the government obviously externalized their costs of production on innocent communities and therefore on the people and government of Nigeria. Quite often, policies for industrial production and related procedures have unintended consequences. Clearly it would be torturous argument to try to insist that the oil companies deliberately intended to hurt the people and their communities. I don't think they ever meant any bad or wickedness. They simply shifted their cost burden onto an suspecting people. Ever seen people in a passing bus throw banana or orange peels out the window. I always wonder what they think will happen to the peel. One thing that can happen is that a pedestrian can slip slide on it and fall perilously in the path of an on-coming vehicle. Did the bus passenger intend to kill the pedestrian? No! He just shifted his cost of waste disposal. Pedestrians should ask the authorities to fine vehicles whose passengers behave in this way. Never mind, pedestrian in Nigeria never seem to worry about littering. Even the road safety authorities often seem to be more concerned about other matters. Okay, so now everybody has sat up and knowledge and skills to handle the environment are much improved. Let us together solve this disaster. I have seen where people are looking heavily toward the communities for exacerbating the problem through pipeline destruction and illegal refineries. Yes. This is bad and they ought to stop it. But how? when their original fishing means of livelihood is practically all destroyed. The Solution? Clean the environment and at the same time provide other switching mechanisms for their livelihood. I commend the government of President Buhari for starting the implementation of the UNEP report in Ogoni. Good job Mr. President. Let's now get moving. The opportunity has come for the government and the people to work together for the sake of the nation. I am Magnus Kpakol and that's my view.


Posted: Apr 7th, 2017 @ 02:24:57 AM