gvA Update

Oh baby, you and I by the smart and lovely Chidinma featuring the great Flavor. Last time we talked about how we should subsidize intertribal marriage in Nigeria. We argued that it is good for the nation. Basically, love, any kind of love is good for the nation. Now an intertribal marriage has typically been very costly, although the price of it has been trending down as the supply of such marriages has increased. All our students of economics would have learned this as a downward shift in the supply curve of intertribal marriages. But wait, we are not try to make this story a course in economics. It means more people don begin de do de thing, so the price go de go down. That's it folks. Too much grammar? No! Just economics you can use. But as I said, the cost of intertribal marriage has historically been high because of huge psychic costs involved in what my people will say. That is, what her people say, what my people will say, what society will say and so on. But as we know love itself between any couple can be so liberating and so exhilarating and sometimes so much that it wants to conquer any obstacles. Quite often, no mountain can be high enough, no valley low enough to keep lovers from each other. So a nation like Nigeria can use this kind of love to destroy cultural barriers and thereby promote national unity. As we said last time, mystery is also one reason people get married. If so, the mystery of diversity can be a good force to bring two people into such love that can spill over positively into society and help support national unity. So you see, this is part of that strength in diversity thing. Let us promote it and as we concluded last time, let us subsidize interethnic marriages by giving a vat rebate of 50 percent to new interethnic couples, and 25 percent to their parents. Ok parents, this is not a bribe, its just a little PR from the nation. Oh baby. Our hidden economics for you.


Posted: Mar 29th, 2017 @ 09:29:26 AM