gvA Update

When Adama Barrow became president of Gambia in December of 2016, he vowed to work for national unity and economic growth. To underscore this he immediately pledged to introduce an independent judiciary, and also to promote media freedom. In addition he sought to establish a two-term limit for the presidency and make the civil service transparent and accountable. He also said that political prisoners would be freed and that a truth and reconciliation process to "amend past injustices" would be launched. " One thing I liked in his speech is this quote "The position of president is not an ordinary one. I am seeking it to make a difference and give Gambia a new start so that the potential of the country and its citizens would be developed to the fullest," That's it. That's what he wants national unity for, to develop to the fullest the potential of Gambia and all the people. Good job Mr. President. Every African should help you to realize this. Folks, if you are a leader the purpose of unity among your people is not just to maintain the status quo or to keep you in power, sometimes even for ever. In the case of a country, national unity should be demanded so that the people, all of the people can get more than they could get on their own. Why would they be united if it imperils their economic, political and social wellbeing. And what they get more of must include security and opportunity. And in all this, the people will check to see that there is the judicious and optimal and equitable use of their efforts and resources in such a way that there is no alienation to any person, community or group. Now, patriotism is the level of love that people feel for their country. This would typically rise when there is national unity as we have described it. And so our leaders at all leaders must always show us through their vision what good things await us when we are united. And as we stressed last time, decentralization and economic competitiveness is good for every community and for the nation. With this arrangement every community will be able to see that they will gain more through national unity. I am Magnus Kpakol and that's my view.


Posted: Mar 29th, 2017 @ 09:25:31 AM