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Ranking Cultural diversity Often in economic literature we try to compare the levels of ethnic, cultural, linguistic and even religious fractionalization. Fractionalization measures establish the probability that two randomly drawn individuals from any one country are not from the same ethnic, linguistic or religious for example. James Fearon who introduced this construct has designed a list in which cultural fractionalization is approximated by a measure of similarity between languages, varying from 0 where the entire population speaks the same language to 1 where the population speaks two or more unrelated languages. This index of cultural diversity is biased towards linguistic variations as opposed to genetic diversity and other variations. In this connection, 1. Which of the following countries is considered the least culturally diverse 1. Italy 2. Japan 3. North Korea, and 4. South Korea. 2. In Africa, which of the following countries is the most culturally diverse, using linguistic considerations. 1. DRC 2. Liberia 3. Tanzania, and 4. Uganda. ANSWERS 1. The least culturally diverse nation in the world is North Korea. 2. In Africa, Tanzania is the most culturally diverse nation. Many Nigerians will be surprised to learn that their nation is not even among the most linguistically diverse nations in Africa, ranking at number 16 behind countries like South Africa, Kenya and Ghana. So as it appears, Nigerians languages have a higher measure of similarity and less variation than most people might think.


Posted: Mar 27th, 2017 @ 07:36:51 AM