gvA Update

Why we should subsidize intertribal marriage in Nigeria. The lovely Nigerian artist Simi, Love Don't Care. According to a study by Stephen J. Trejo of the Department of Economics at the University of Texas in Austin, Texas, immigrants who marry outside of their ethnicity tend to have better economic outcomes than those who marry within their ethnicity. Gary Becker writing on the economics of marriage developed a model of household formation whereby the marriage market generates couples that match on traits which are complements in the production of household goods. So using this, it appears couples would be looking for what would work for them, even when racial or ethnic differences are considered. In Nigeria, couples involved in intertribal or interethnic marriages are also likely to more economically successful than the average couple. This makes sense since interethnic couples are likely to be go-getters and less inhibited in looking for what is good for them. There are many reasons people fall in love. They range from attraction to influence, but one of the weird reasons people love each other is mystery. We often love a bit of mystery in a person. Apparently, this mystery thing is also the reason why some women fall in love with prison inmates. This is also involved in interethnic marriages. Now, socially and for national unity, we should as a government or a people promote interethnic marriages for the sake of breaking cultural barriers and securing national unity. Now also think of the generational waves of social harmony and cohesiveness for the nation. Some of our top leaders have shown this example. To encourage more interethnic marriages, let us give couples in such marriages a 50 percent annual refund on any vat paid by them. Folks go ahead and marry outside of your tribe. If many people where to do this, imagine what good it would do for the nation. One small step by a couple, one giant impact for the nation. Love don't care at all. Our hidden economics for you.


Posted: Mar 27th, 2017 @ 07:32:25 AM