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Ranking the Friendliest Countries. The World Economic Forum recently provided a ranking of countries by the friendliness of its people to foreign visitors. The ranking listed in the Forumâs Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report, which gives scores on a scale from one, where locals made foreign visitors feel 'very unwelcome', to seven, for 'very welcome. In this connection, 1- in which of the following countries are the people most friendly to visiting foreigners? 1. France, 2. United States, 3. Iceland and 4. New Zealand. 2-In which of the following African countries are the people the friendliest to foreign visitors? 1. Burkina Faso, 2. Morocco, 3. Senegal and 4. Mali. Stay with us for our answers coming up shortly. ANSWERS 1-Surprisingly, the United States of America, well known for its people telling visitors to 'Have a nice day!' ranks at a distant number 102. France ranks at number 80. The United Kingdom comes out better at number 55 in friendliness to visitors. And so frigid cold Iceland ranks number one in the world in its peopleâs friendliness to visitors. 2-In Africa, Morocco is number one, and ranks number three in the world in the peopleâs friendliness to visiting foreigners.


Posted: Mar 2nd, 2017 @ 01:57:54 AM