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Ranking Banks by Safeness. Perhaps the main reason people keep their money in a bank is for safety. You want to be sure that your money will be there for you whenever you need it. To help the people with this, there are global credit agencies like Fitch, Standard & Poors and Moodyâs that rate banks according to their safeness. Global Finance Magazine publishes a list of the safest commercial banks by continent. In this connection, 1- which of the following banks is rated the safest in the world? 1. KfW of Germany 2. TD Bank Group of Canada, 3. HSBC of the United Kingdom and 4.Bank of America of the United States. 2-Which of the following Sub-Saharan African Commercial Banks is rated the highest in safeness? 1. First Bank of Nigeria, 2. Standard Bank of South Africa 3. CfC Stanbic bank of Kenya, and 4. Eco Bank Transnational of Togo. ANSWERS 1-As it turns out and in spite of the seeming recent economic weakness, Europe is home to the worldâs safest commercial banks, according to Global Finance Magazine, which in its 2014 report rated KfW of Germany as the safest Bank in the world. 2-The report also rates Standard Bank of South Africa as the safest bank in Sub Saharan Africa. For comments, adverts and sponsorship please see our information displayed on the screen.


Posted: Feb 9th, 2017 @ 04:18:35 AM