gvA Update

Humblesmith and his hit song jukwese, featuring the great Flavor. Jukwese. That is, Ask Around. You want to spot a fake rich man, ask around, don't go just by what he shows off. The people in the community will know who exactly he is. In general, fake rich people typically need to make good money in order to keep up their materialistic lifestyle. They usually try to get sudden bursts of money through whatever means, so as to be able to show the money. However, they tend to never bother to save and probably don't know how. Fake rich people are usually so flamboyant, and too busy spending their income on "things" to worry about the future. They tend to also need people to acknowledge their wealth. That's why they will always like to talk about their home, their car, or their job. One way to make you think they are rich is how they will regularly show up with a nice looking car, borrowed, leased or bought. They may even show off their newest iPhone or other gadgets they think would attract attention and questions. They like to one-up their neighbor to show always that they are better. They also have to always dress a particular way to show they are different or doing better than most people. They might even show of their latest iPhone. The aim? Well, so that when you see these things you will think man, this dude is rich. But here is the real truth. These guys often envy others. They are really never satisfied. And worse, they are often miserable inside and at home even though on the outside they appear flamboyant and phenomenal. In fact it is often the misery suffered at home and inside that forces them to try to show off and look for validation and admiration. Now contrast these guys with the truly rich. The truly rich guys try to even buy on sale, they have a saving plan and they live below their means. So to really know him, donât just ask his close associates. They may cover for him. Review our tips and ask around. Jukwese. Our hidden economics for you.


Posted: Feb 9th, 2017 @ 04:13:47 AM