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Ranking The Use of Digital and Mobile Money The use of credit cards, digital money and credit cards is gaining more and more traction around the world. Recently, in India, the of government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has implemented a ban on currency notes of higher denominations, a move that amounts to demonetisation of those units in a bid to reduce dependence on cash transactions and instead promote a so-called cashless economy that will help in the fight against financial fraud. In Africa, many countries are discovering that the use of mobile money is promoting of economic growth. In this connection, 1-which of the following countries has the highest share of no-cash payments as a percent of consumer spending? 1. United States, 2. France, 3. Canada, and 4. Belgium. 2-Which of the following African has the highest percentage of mobile phone payments? 1. Uganda, 2. Tanzania, 3. Kenya, and 4. Ghana. Stay with us for our answers coming up shortly. ANSWERS 1-Belgium with a score of 93 percent has the share of no cash payments as a share of consumer payments. 2-Kenya is the African country with the highest percentage use of mobile money.


Posted: Jan 25th, 2017 @ 01:40:13 AM