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The Dream of Pharaoh According to Genesis chapter 41, in the Holy Bible, after two full years had passed, Pharaoh had a dream: He was standing by the Nile, 2 when out of the river there came up seven cows, sleek and fat, and they grazed among the reeds. 3 After them, seven other cows, ugly and gaunt, came up out of the Nile and stood beside those on the riverbank. 4 And the cows that were ugly and gaunt ate up the seven sleek, fat cows. Then Pharaoh woke up. 5 He fell asleep again and had a second dream: Seven heads of grain, healthy and good, were growing on a single stalk. 6 After them, seven other heads of grain sprouted—thin and scorched by the east wind. 7 The thin heads of grain swallowed up the seven healthy, full heads. Then Pharaoh woke up; it had been a dream. To cut to the chase, after all the magicians and wise men of Egypt could not interpret the dreams, a young Hebrew, by the name Joseph, a servant of the captain of the Guard serving time in jail, in a dungeon was called up to interpret the dreams. Now God was with him as he had previously demonstrated an ability to interpret dreams. And so he came before Pharaoh and interpreted the dreams. As history would eventually record it, his interpretation of Pharaoh’s dream was correct. Why should any economist or politician be interested in Pharaoh’s dream at this time? Now the motivation for this story comes from a New Year’s Day sermon this year by Bishop T. D. Jakes at the Potter’s house in Dallas, Texas. As it often happens, Bishop TD Jake’s sermon revealed to me how everyone has his or her own dream about the future. However, sometimes, the dream is actually not a real dream but instead is what your mind is quietly telling you to do concerning the achievement of your success in the future. Perhaps the seed in your mind speaking quietly is the word of God. But now let's take it from an economists’s perspective. As in the 1970s hit song titled This World, the Staple Singers sing about how your mind holds this world in its hands. According to the lyrics of the song, And when I think about this world I can shape it just like clay. I can make myself a Garden of Eden. Or throw it all away. So is the power of your mind. With it, you can construct a lot of good or do a whole lot of evil. Most leaders, wether it be of their household, their organization or government come to develop a vision for success. But as illustrated with Pharaoh’s dream, often the vision or dream would need to be well analyzed for effective implementation by someone else, typically an expert. Now, no one should have a dream for you. You should have your own dream, that is, your own vision, for your own household or government. Pharaoh had his own dream, but he needed Joseph to interpret what God had for the future of Egypt. After the interpretation, Pharaoh saw that Joseph with his expertise, that is the anointing of God, was the right person to run Egypt since he had interpreted the dream to mean that 7 years of famine where to follow 7 years of great harvest and prosperity in Egypt. It is for the leader to have the dream or the vision, but he needs right experts to analyze or implement it. Our hidden economics for you.


Posted: Jan 25th, 2017 @ 01:37:46 AM