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Some Export Indicators For many countries, the fastest way to drive out poverty is to export large amounts of goods and services. A good way of determining this is by evaluating the value of exports as a percent of GDP. In 2014, on average globally, exports as a percent of GDP was about 44 percent. Indeed, some of the best performing economies in the world have a ratio of over 90 percent of GDP. In this connection, 1- Which of the following countries had the highest ratio of exports to GDP in 2014. 1. Hong Kong, 2. Ireland, 3. Luxembourg and 4. Hong Kong. On the other hand when a country has too much export concentration, with its leading export representing a disproportionate share of GDP, it tends to be extremely vulnerable to global economic fluctuations. In this connection, 2which of the following countries has the highest value of leading exports as a percent of total exports. 1. Algeria, 2. Angola, 3. Gabon and 4. Nigeria. ANSWERS 1-Hong Kong with a figure of about 219 percent ranks at the top in terms of measuring exports as a percent of GDP. 2-Nigeria is the African country listed here with the highest of value at 98% when computing the value of the leading export good as a percent of total exports.


Posted: Jan 19th, 2017 @ 02:00:44 AM