gvA Update

To avoid losing the Way. Justin Timberlake, singing about losing my way. Timberlake talks about a guy who somehow dropped out of school and to make matters worse appears to be addicted to that white substance. And so he needs help from somebody. You never want to lose your way, whether it be that you are a person, a household, an organization or a government. To lose your way implies you have lost your internal navigational compass and so you have therefore also lost technical and economic efficiency in your quest to arrive at your destination. A person who has lost his way generally does so because of lack of discipline and an irresistible distraction or dependency. And all this if not reversed will often have serious repercussions that can course through family generations and inflict serious economic and social problems on related households and even society as a whole. A country that was initially performing well can also lose its way because of a dependency or poor leadership. The curse of crude oil has shown how nations can abandon discipline because of easy money. And often the ecstasy of easy money brews greed and corruption which can take a nation away on a perverse and ruinous tangential course. Fortunately, any person or even a country in this situation can find the way back to a more economically desired pathway. But it is the individual or country that must recognize they have lost the way. That done you can then proceed to seek help. But it is better if you can in the first place avoid losing your way. Our hidden economics for


Posted: Jan 19th, 2017 @ 01:56:10 AM