gvA Update

What do we do now, the recession is here? I think that what Nigeria needs now is widespread mass participation in the economic process. This is what will raise the level of output and the level of living for all Nigerians. But how can this be accomplished. If we are going to succeed quickly we have to build it from the bottom. Building from the bottom ensures more hands on deck. More people get involved and engaged and that's how you begin the process of inclusive growth. Attempting to build from the top is a recipe for futility and ultimate failure. At the EBS we are developing strategies for strengthening communities and municipalities so that nations can build from the bottom up. Check around the world, any nation that is strong has competent and viable communities, municipalities, states or provinces. No nation will ever be economically competitive if many of it's constituent parts are not viable and strong. Imagine a national soccer team winning the World Cup with horrible players! It will never happen, regardless of how good the coach is. Now what is competitiveness. Competitiveness to me is the state of having the desire and ability to win or be among the best in a given endeavor or area of activity. If Nigeria is to quickly come out of the recession then every body and every community must strive to be locally, nationally or globally competitive in productive activity. There must be an economic arena where you as an individual are economically competitive. So here is the question. Is there not something that you or your community can do and ultimately become better at than any one else or at least become as good as anyone else? I believe there is. All the things we import, no matter how sophisticated or complex, some one built them. I believe there is a Nigeria's exceptionalism that can be based on a can-do Spirit of what Nigerians can do how they can do it as well as anyone else. We need that Spirit. Indeed I believe that Spirit is working already and without it the recession would have been worse. It is not the government that moderated the recession, it is the creativity of the people that has helped. But obviously, it has not been near good enough. It needs to be seriously activated. In closing let me say this. You always want your assets to be more efficient and yield greater proceeds. Well, if things get rough for you, you sell your assets if you will gain greater long term efficiency, productivity and value. Never sell it for frivolous consumption.


Posted: Oct 11th, 2016 @ 04:01:34 AM