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The Top Musicians Making Big Money Musicians are making a lot of money these days, relying not just on CD, vinyl or digital sales, but mostly counting on concert tours and performances and a little of other things like music streaming, digital and merchandise sales, like perfumes, T shirts and other memorabilia, and mostly online. In this connection, 1-which of the following very popular musicians was not in the top 5 in the world in overall earnings in 2015? 1- Taylor Swift, 2- Kenny Chesney, 3- the Rolling Stones and 4- Adele. 2-Not including Akon, who in reality is an American, who was the top earning musician in Africa in 2015? 1- Don Jazzy, 2- Dbanj, 3- P-Square and 4- Wiz Kd. ANSWERS 1-Adele's album mega sales and meteoric rise not withstanding, concert tours is the determining factor for the 40 genre-spanning acts that topped Billboard's ranking of musicâs highest-paid musicians of the past year. And just like that, Adele is not among the top 5 musicians in earnings in 2015. Just in case you want to know, Adele came in a distant 9th place. But not to worry, she raked in a nice looking $20.5 million in 2015. Nothing to sneeze at there. 2- In Africa, Nigerian musicians dominate the ranking, with Don Jazzy as the top earner in 2015.


Posted: Jul 27th, 2016 @ 03:56:33 AM