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Ranking Tomato Production A disease called tuta absoluta has created a crisis in tomato production in Nigeria, causing prices to rise in May this year to as much as N42,000 or $210 per basket from around N1,500 or $10 a basket in February. Nigerians and Africans love their jollof rice and their rice and stew. For these meals, tomatoes are a must ingredient. Then speaking globally, where would Heinz be without the tomato? Tomatoes are among the most popular vegetables in the world. Garden tomato is the second most important vegetable crop next to potato. Global production of tomatoes is about 100 million tons. In this connection, 1-Which of the following countries ranks as the top tomato producer in the world. 1- China, 2- India, 3- United States and 4- Turkey. 2-Which of the following countries is the top producer of tomatoes in Africa. 1- Nigeria, 2- Morocco, 3- Egypt and 4- Tunisia. ANSWERS 1- The top tomato producer in the world is China, with 50 million tons recorded in 2012. 2- The top producer of tomatoes in Africa is Egypt, with 8.6 million tons in 2012.


Posted: Jun 7th, 2016 @ 03:36:35 AM