gvA Update

It's the Economy, Please! The word please can mean many things, but mostly it is used to ask for something in a polite way or used to show that a request is serious or important. In the song Please, please, please by the late great James Brown, he uses the word to appeal passionately to a lover not to leave him. Now, there is something very exceptional about the word please. It is one of the most economical words you can ever use. You can just say please without saying much more and the message passed on is voluminous from that one word, please. James Brown already a master of lyrics economics in the way he economizes on words in his lyrics, released this great hit with just a couple more words in addition to the word please. So for politicians out there, please, please, please. It's the economy please. People want work, please. People want stable prices, please. People want to reduce uncertainty, please. Ever noticed how many politicians just talk about coming to power or to office and almost rarely talk about how they will grow jobs and create a good economic experience for the people. All over the world, in the democracies that are doing well, the politicians clamoring for political power, spend a good amount of time talking to the electorate and stakeholders about the economy and what they will do to bring about significant economic progress and not just how their party ought to be in power. What are the reasons your party should be office, whether it be at the local, state or federal level? Some people just jump and believe they have some sort of right to be in power and run the government. Please! When I hear this, I would rather watch the old James Brown doing his thing, where he pretends to be leaving just for his band to say please please please for an encore performance. So folks when that politician comes for a vote or for an encore performance, just tell him it's the economy, please. Our hidden economics for you.


Posted: May 17th, 2016 @ 03:04:28 AM