gvA Update

How to Achieve Your Goal Okay, see you when ya get there, if you ever get there. The song by Coolio says it well. You want to get there, but sometimes you really can't get there with the method you are using. Most people announce their method for achieving a goal but rarely check to see if the method has maintained fidelity. Has the method remained pure and free of corruption? Often the reason people don't get their with their prescribed vehicle or method is because the method or vehicle has suffered corruption. Suppose you have a car and wish to use it to drive to Lagos in 10 hours from Abuja. Well, if the vehicle suddenly only goes in reverse or stops every 100 yards it most probably can't take you there. People probably won't see you there in Lagos anytime soon. Do you know that all the economic programs adopted by various administrations since 1999 were transformation programs? The National Economic Empowerment and Development Strategy was aimed at transforming the Nigerian economy. So also was the 7 Point Agenda and then of course, the recent transformation agenda itself. All these programs or strategies were aimed at changing, oh or shall I say transforming the nature of the Nigerian economy, making it more robust, sophisticated and competitive. So why didn't they work as anticipated? Well quite honestly some might have worked if given enough time. However, they mostly did not work because they suffered from a serious lack of efficiency in the manner they were operated. Well, poor governance or efficiency loss is the main reason the recent transformation agenda failed. Notice I did not use the C word here. To be progressive I called it efficiency loss. Now another transformation program has been started, but they call it change. Notice that change is another word for transformation. So folks if real transformation is to be achieved in the economy, we must make sure we fight corruption away from it as President Buhari is trying to do. There must be no serious efficiency losses in the process. Thank God the Ministry of Finance has an efficiency unit. If we are going to get there we need this unit in every Ministry, Department or Agency. I ll see you when you get there. Our hidden economics for you.


Posted: Apr 12th, 2016 @ 07:11:06 AM