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Ranking Cotton Production About 8% of the cotton traded in the world market is harvested in Sub-Saharan Africa. In Africa cotton is almost exclusively grown by smallholder farmers, as there are only very few large plantations. In this connection, 1-which of the following countries is the leader in cotton production in Africa? 1- Burkina Faso, 2- Benin, 3- Mali and 4- Cote d’Ivoire. The world uses more cotton than any other fiber, and cotton is a leading cash crop even in the United States. Cotton production stimulates business activities for factories and enterprises in many countries. In terms of global production, annually we have some 25.5 million tons of seed cotton from 34.8 million hectares. Nearly 53% of cotton produced in the world is subsidized. Cotton producing countries that subsidize their domestic industry include the USA, China, Greece, Spain, Turkey, Brazil, Mexico, Egypt and India. In this connection, 2-which of the following countries is the global leader in cotton production? 1- China, 2- United States, 3- India and 4- Pakistan. ANSWERS 1- In 2015, Burkina Faso was the largest producer of cotton in Africa with 1.2 million 480 bales of cotton. 2- In 2015, India was the world’s largest producer of cotton, with 28 million, 480 pound bales. India, China and the USA account for nearly 60% of the world’s production of cotton.


Posted: Apr 12th, 2016 @ 07:07:58 AM