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Entrepreneurial Friendship Friendships are very important, whether they be between persons, communities or nations. Let us first check into why people make friends. Friends are made to give you acceptance, support, encouragement and understanding at very little cost. The real reason people try to make friends is to greatly reduce their cost of information, protection and success. Indeed this why I believe that most friendships are mostly of the consumer variety. Most people, communities or nations get into friendships for what they can get, that is, what they can consume. Fortunately, in the case of a bilateral friendship, the parties will naturally and mutually get into the friendship that increases their individual opportunity to consume goodies of bigger quantity and higher quality. Even so, consumer relationships tend to be focused on the present. It is what brings immediate pleasure that matters. However, as it has been said by Prof. Todd May of Clemson university, entrepreneurial relationships have more to do with the future. Entrepreneurial friendships are those we invest in hoping to get a good return. Nowadays we see this mostly in politics. If we support our friend into a good position, perhaps this can bring us good business in the future. Sometimes people subjectively estimate your future potential and then choose to invest in friendship with you today for the sake of gaining when you gain. Therefore for the friendship investor, the principle is this. How I act toward others is determined by what I think they might do for me down the road. For entrepreneurial friendship it is useful to note that past experience is crucial in forecasting future relationships, whether it be for the probability of marriage or a divorce for couples or war among nations. Now in all this, shared experience need not be fun to be grounds for friendship, so long as the parties are honest and good to each other. My going through a shared difficult experience with support for someone and my being reliable in that experience might be reason enough for the person to help me in the future. To be sure, in entrepreneurial friendship, people are constantly looking for where they can get the biggest capital gain from the friendship investments they make today. Therefore folks, watch out, that man may suddenly drop his friendship with you for your enemy if he estimates a better future payoff with him. Our hidden economics for you.


Posted: Mar 16th, 2016 @ 04:09:36 AM