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Age dependency ratio is the ratio of dependents, that is people younger than 15 or older than 64 to the working-age population, which is those between the ages of 15 and 64. Most African countries have high dependency ratios, with Niger ranking the highest in the world with more than 111 in 2013. Nigeriaâs dependency ratio of nearly 90 percent is also very high. High younger dependency suggest that policy has not addressed sufficiently extremely high fertility rates that still prevail in spite of related social dislocation issues. A high dependency ratio can cause serious problems for a country because the fewer the people of working age, the fewer the people who can support schools, healthcare demands, retirement pensions, disability pensions and other assistances to the youngest and oldest members of a population. I believe that an ideal total age dependency ratio should be between 40 and 50 percent. In this connection 1-which of the following African countries has an age dependency ratio of more than 50 percent? 1- Mauritius, 2- Seychelles, 3- Algeria and 4- South Africa. Most advanced economies have overcome high youth dependency ratios, however, with people living longer in these countries they now face problems related to old age dependency ratios. In this connection, 1-which of the following countries has the highest old age dependency ratio in the world? 1- Japan, 2- Finland, 3- United States and 4- Germany. ANSWERS 1- South Africa is the African country with a total dependency ratio of more than 50 percent. 2- Japan has the highest old age dependency ratio in the world.


Posted: Mar 16th, 2016 @ 04:07:08 AM