gvA Update

The Economics of Love for Nigeria⦠Is there love for Nigeria among Nigerians? Surprising to some people, the answer is a very big YES. On the surface, Nigerians appear to show distaste for many Nigerian ways of doing things. This can be captured in statements like, "you know this is Nigeria" or " there is the Nigerian factor". These are obviously never made complimentarily about Nigeria. Indeed what you often find is people seeming to be ready to fight for their ethnic group and nowadays at best for their geopolitical zone. These geopolitical zones now represent six powerful waves buffeting Nigeria. But there is a seventh wave. Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner CBE, better known by his stage name Sting, had a hit song titled Love is the Seventh Wave. So in Nigeria, there is indeed a seventh wave, but we need to let it come out. Love for Nigeria is the seventh wave. I see it among the ordinary people living in all our communities. It is there for our leaders who understand and can see it to use it to build national unity that can drive real sustainable national economic growth and development. Let us just feel it. Every ripple on the ocean Every leaf on every tree Every sand dune in the desert Every power we never see There is a deeper wave than this Swelling in the world To me I believe Change has come, but it is change to a new normal. And people must be engaged on how to adjust to it. It is not change for the APC. However, our leaders, especially the APC government must work hard to bring all Nigerians to see the change. We need leadership that shows us the vision. The time has come to build a nation in which everyone can efficiently and equitably contribute. That is what I believe the the change is about. Let us Feel it rising in the cities Feel it sweeping over land Over borders, over frontiers Nothing will its power withstand There is no deeper wave than this Rising in the world. And so Nigerians must rise above all the bloodshed, all the anger All the weapons, all the greed All the symbols of our fear There is a deeper wave than this Rising in the world There is a deeper wave than this Love is the seventh wave. With love for Nigeria, we will not come to Abuja just for what we can take or share but instead for what we can build or contribute. Our hidden economics for you.


Posted: Mar 10th, 2016 @ 02:53:21 AM