gvA Update

Cut the Sugar in Our Governance Sugar! People love it and they just want it, whether it be physical sugar or the sugar that a lover brings. They just love sugar. Maroon 5 in their hit song sugar, want you to please come and put it down on me. I guess they mean the sugar. To be sure, any time it is sugar it is for the enjoyment of the person eating it. It's benefits are rarely externalized to others around them. Now when sugar is present in governance you can be sure it is bad for the people, because it will be eaten by just a few people for their personal enjoyment and to the detriment of society. We must cut the sugar in a such a case. We all know that too much sugar can make people gain in their waist line. Now according to researchers at the University of California in San Francisco, sugar is not only making kids fat, it is also causing them to be sick mostly due to the way it breaks down in the body. The sugar research used a control group and cut the sugar for just nine days and it was amazing what they found. In summary, what they found proves that sugar is toxic to the human body. The researchers wanted to see just how much a childâs health could benefit from cutting added sugar from their diet. And after nine days, nearly every aspect of their metabolic health improved. Their liver functions improved and there was significant declines in their blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels and also with lower risks of developing diabetes. So let's get to the matter at hand. The added sugar in our politics and governance is too much and it is breaking down the development capacity of society. We have to cut the sugar. If we all say that our political parties don't have ideologies, and if they the parties have no stated and differentiating objectives, then why would one want to be running for office under any particular banner? Is it for the sugar! I know it is not true in every case, but quite often, what people are looking for in politics and governance is the sugar. Our hidden economics for you.


Posted: Feb 23rd, 2016 @ 04:05:16 AM