gvA Update

Helicopter Political Leadership As we said last time, if we are going to build our communities we will have to do it with commitment. The political leader cannot succeed with any community transformation without properly and directly engaging the community. Although political leadership is supposed to be about using power and position to connect with people and improve upon their economic conditions, sometimes the politician in some developing countries seems to be about grand standing, by hovering over the people like a helicopter. Politicians like this rarely really bring about any well thought through clear designs for holistic community development. When I talk of helicopter leadership I am talking about something a little bit different from that seen with helicopter parents where parents hover over their kids, sometimes in their schools or on the playground to so to speak rescue them from any trouble. These parents are loving micro-managers of their kids, literally overseeing whatever the kids do. Unlike helicopter parents, helicopter politicians appear as though they are ready to help take care of their constituency. They appear ready to rescue them, but instead generally just hover above. Many leaders resort to the helicopter style because they hope that the people will be impressed by this posturing and therefore become loyal to them. It appears that some helicopter leaders hope that if they do enough for people, the people will become dependent and accept to be on their political leash. As it has happened in many places excessive helicopter leadership can result in a hostile dependency where the people receiving the help end up feeling angry at themselves for needing the help and then often become resentful of the leader for not even "giving me enough." Political leaders will do well to avoid getting sucked into helicopter leadership. What we need are clear and holistic economic strategies for our communities. A politician who is not able to do this may soon be found to be disappointing. When you hear people saying "he betrayed me" it is often a result of a helicopter relationship where the helicopter has even crashed and its pilot is no longer that important. For an enduring relationship, the political leader should be committed and from the start strive to use a dimension that involves motivation and practical solutions that make people economically viable today and tomorrow. Our hidden economics for you.


Posted: Feb 11th, 2016 @ 08:47:54 AM