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Quick View: Ranking Kidnapping by Country Kidnapping, has become a real concern to international business men and women, and ofcourse to governments really interested in attracting tourists. In some countries such as the United States a large number of children are said to be kidnapped each year, but these are generally abductions that take place, arising after separation or divorce when one parent wishes to keep a child against the will of the other or against a court order. Nowadays there is something called KRE, kidnapping for ransom or extortion. This type is bad for international business. In this connection, 1- Which of the following countries is NOT in the top four in the world in ranking kidnapping for ransom and extortion. A. Afghanistan B. Iraq, C. Nigeria and D. Mexico. 2- Which of the following African countries is not in the top 20 in the world in kidnapping? A. Nigeria, B. Kenya, C. South Africa, D. Somalia. ANSWERS 1- Mexico is the country that ranks the highest in the world in kidnapping for ransom and extortion. 2- Somalia is the African country listed not ranked among the top 20 kidnapping countries in the world.


Posted: Feb 11th, 2016 @ 08:45:16 AM