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Our Hidden Economics For You...The Economics of Calling Him Baby Musicians like Chidimma and Flavour have known this for a long time. That's why they sing it all the time. Now ladies, call your husband, your boyfriend, your lover, âbabyâ and see him transform into a baby right before your eyes. That grown man will start to act benevolently like a baby. The special name you give your guy can be so powerful, so much you can see new loads of love tumbling down on you from him. Now, guys have known this for a long time. That's why when a man is as they say in Nigeria "toasting" a woman he calls her sugar, sweet banana and especially baby. Believe me it works. Thankfully, many women now know this. Maybe its gender balancing or something, but they now call their man not just darling or sweetie or honey, but baby. For woman, it works like a charm. Now this is how it works. Here is the economics in it. Think about it. If you are a baby, you can't possibly hurt anyone, at least not intentionally. If you are a baby you give so much love, it's natural and electric the love that comes out of a baby. Just look at the face of any young mother or father when they carry their baby. So using cost/benefit analysis, the benefits are all wrapped in that beautiful bundle of love called baby. And cost, non existent. In terms of love, the baby can never hurt you. There is practically no cost in the love for a baby. So ladies, this is what you are invoking from that grown man when you call him baby. And for the lady who is sincere in all this, you too can't hurt your baby. You will always be there for him. You can't go away. And then once he believes he is baby to you, he too will pull all the stops to make you happy. He will spend all his money. He will be carried away. He will be all into you. He will take you overseas. So call him baby. The economics in it is good. Our hidden economics for you.


Posted: Oct 7th, 2015 @ 01:41:56 AM