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Our "ECONOMICS YOU CAN USE" Selling and Buying In the song, I wanna be rich by Calloway, he sings about how he wants money and so don't bother to ask why, he just wants to be rich. People, especially in poorer countries resort to something called buying and selling because they want to get a lot of money and become rich like some of the top people they know. Can you really become rich by buying and selling? Often people go to a relatively farther away big market where it is cheaper to buy consumables and then sell in a narrow and nearby market where they can fetch higher prices. What can this achieve? Surely, it can end your poverty, but your ability to become rich using this method depends on if you add enough value to command its equivalent in money and thereby income. So, you want money? Lots and lots of money? Listen to the song. It's because you want to get rich. Therefore to do this you will need to "sell and buy" not "buy and sell". Because, for you to be able to buy, that is to consume, you have to be able to sell or to in reality produce something you can sell. If you don't have something that people demand from you, you may not be able to demand much from other people. There has got to be something you can sell, with value that you added or created. Check this out, what makes advanced economies advanced or rich is that they create things of high value that people want, like airplanes, cars, trains, phones, TVs, even vacation resorts. They have high skill sets and they add value. Indeed, if you sell just raw materials or natural resources, you are likely behaving like the man with one talent in the parable of the talent in the bible. He buries the one talent and and adds no value. The result, a poor reward from his master. To want the pie in the sky, you better reach for the sky in the value you add. You must produce or create value that you can sell. It is from selling this value that you can become rich enough to buy any goods and services that will make you more comfortable in life. So folks, lets not just buy and sell, except we are adding a lot of value. Instead let us consider how we can sell and buy. This way you can get money, lots of money and get rich. Our economics you can use.


Posted: Sep 15th, 2015 @ 07:55:25 AM