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Guys Let her shop A recent study shows that ladies take their shopping habits way back from the days when men hunted and women foraged. Guys generally pop into a store, pick an item or two and jump right out just like their hunting forefathers did. Shoot the game, pick it up and go. On the other hand, women get back to their foraging roots by sorting through racks of blouses and skirts on sale -- as if sorting through plants and fruits for signs of ripeness or spoilage. Now guys, don't even try to stop your wife or girl friend from shopping. It won't work. It's like stopping a moving train, and it can be costly if you want happiness at the end of the day. If if possible, give her the money, let her go and shop. In deed, the group P Square with their hit song "chop my money" may have helped many guys as they say "If you see this baby, tell am say She must chop my money, Chop my money, cause I don't care. Fact is, most women scan through their closets every morning and would like to change about fifty percent of the clothes they see there. Indeed, most women love being the first ones to wear the latest styles to look different from the crowd. To them ‘What’s the fun in wearing what everyone else is wearing? Shopping for women is very relaxing. Many women pick up their purses and head to a shopping mall when they are stressed out. As a matter of fact, like a player getting ready for a football match, women prepare for the shopping day ahead, getting set with their make up and fine clothes, and ready to go. Some guys don't know this, so let me tell you, shopping to women does not always include buying something. There is something called window shopping. To most men, where is the economics in just going to the store when you know you are not buying anything. On the other hand, women see so much economics in it. To them, it's to gain knowledge! To get to know what styles are in, which shops have a good collection, and then there is quality and prices to compare. Now back to the age of foraging. To determine whether a plant was perfectly ripe, women paid good attention to the details. They studied the colors, shapes, sizes, textures and smells of the trees and fruits. All of those senses come into play when trying to find shoes that match a new dress or clothes. Even the purse has to be tried on. You have to see how it hangs on the arm or on the shoulder. This is not small matter, guys. This is serious stuff. And when its all done right, especially after full tilt shopping, look at the happiness and satisfaction when she gets home with all her loot. Guys, the spill over benefit can be very useful to you. So, let her chop your money. Our hidden economics for you, guys.


Posted: Aug 25th, 2015 @ 02:40:21 AM