gvA Update

Is Africaâs rising economic prosperity sustainable? It is, with appropriate leadership. Just like all developing countries need appropriate technology, Africa also needs appropriate leadership. The issues Africa needs to confront mostly have to do with good governance, that is how to be efficient in resource management. Although good vision is necessary, what is needed most in Africa today is the development or emergence of leaders at all levels that can direct allocative and operational efficiency. This is what will set the stage for productivity increases, increased competitiveness and rising prosperity. Countries that are economically competitive are those that are increasingly and significantly providing a better quality of life for their citizenry in a manner that aims to help them become or approach the best among the nations of the world. In the early1990s, the size of the Chinese economy was around US$500 billion, about equal to that of Nigeria today. The meteoric rise of China has shown the world that even poor countries can become economic super powers. However, super powers emerge from competitiveness, and competitiveness is the product of good and appropriate leadership. We want African leaders that can conscientiously and aggressively drive development efforts from the community level up. The top-down or trickle down approach has not worked and does not work where the poverty membrane is too thick, that is where the poverty rate is more than twenty percent. At the Economic and Business Strategies (EBS), we have designed a Refined Economic Development (RED) in Africa strategy that adopts a community driven economic orientation. This strategy involves the establishment of a type of community industrial park known as ICT driven (ICT-d) industrial park which we often refer to as the RED engine. Indeed, it is important to note that every country that has transformed from underdevelopment to global economic power status has had responsible and committed leadership. Africa is counting on some of the recently emerging leaders to be the ones we need. I am Magnus Kpakol, and that's my view.


Posted: Jul 9th, 2015 @ 06:12:19 AM