gvA Update

The recent election in Nigeria has created thorny issues mostly at the federal level for both the ruling and the opposition parties. There are people who are fighting for top positions in the party. Others are fighting to recover a lost mandate. Sometimes some politicians go on an endless campaign or fight a defeat even onto penury. Folks there are times when the costs, economic, political and social far outweigh the benefits of fighting. In such a situation, stop and reevaluate. Now, in Nigeria, the leadership of the ruling All Progressives Congress needs to breathe, that is to take a break and reflect on the important task they have to run the country. There is great confidence across the country in the ability of the new APC government to bring change. There is therefore no time for the leadership to spend on distractions. The cost of that can be personally and collectively impossible. The elections for the top leadership of the National Assembly has been done constitutionally and has been widely accepted by most Nigerians. As it seems, some key members of the party appear to be aggrieved by the outcomes of the elections because they desired a different set of results. If they press on with their grievances they may upset the apple cart and possibly bring dreadful injury to the party or even the nation. They need to let it breathe. Letting it breathe is what hip hop stars like Sean Paul and Blu Cantrell call it. In their hit song breathe, they speak as lovers wanting to separate to reevaluate things. Aggrieved politicians as in the APC leadership situation may erroneously believe that their fighting for redress is good for the party. It is not, especially when the results have already been widely accepted, as the elections appeared to have followed due process. We believe the aggrieved politicians love their party and their party loves them. So they hopefully can't afford to do anything that will hurt the party and the nation. When love hurts. It wonât work. Maybe they need some time to reflect. They need some time alone. They need to let it breathe. In all, it would be good if all politicians follow the constitution, their own established and recognized party rules and in other cases electoral laws if our democracy is to work. Changing the rules on the go and as they seem suitable for a desired outcome will not work. It can cause a party to implode and possibly bring about national distress. The value of endless wrangling for personal advantage is much smaller compared to the value of national success for the party and or the nation. In the case of Nigeria and the APC, it seems President Buhari and the National Chairman Odigie Oyegun have got it right in their position to allow law makers to follow due process. If the party implodes every politician will likely suffer. The real value of something is best determined when it is no longer available. You don't miss your water until you run out of it. So folks, if you are a politician, it is important to know when it is no longer necessary to keep on fighting. Learn to let it breathe. Our hidden economics for you.


Posted: Jun 29th, 2015 @ 10:11:29 AM