Show Concept

These views and related analyses are presented in a way that is fair, balanced, creative, constructive, motivating, captivating, entertaining and thought-provoking.

Specific topics include issues on health, education, sanitation, agriculture, food security, infrastructure, transportation, the environment, jobs, poverty, community development, security, African generational waves, local and global economic/social trends and Africa’s general political economy. These issues are to be discussed in the context of a global setting.

The show is a product of The Economic and Business Strategies, Ltd (EBS), a company that follows and analyses global economic trends, with a focus on Africa.


The show is constructive and non-confrontational. It does not denigrate, discredit or abuse people. However, it is bold, decisive and poignant in expressing ideas which are on rigorous and balanced analysis, so that our viewers are put in a vantage position, getting only the best views.


People that watch our show will come out better informed and more knowledgeable on issues about Africa's socio-economic development and general political economy. Our show is aimed to be the most pre-eminent in its class world-wide, as it covers economic, social and political issues in a way that is distinctive but personal to every viewer.