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Historically what hurt Africa was its many languages and ethnic nationalities. Most of the more advanced economies in the northern hemisphere are not as diverse in the languages they speak. It led to the perverse success of the trans atlantic slave trade and later to easy colonization as the peoples of Africa where not able to come together in trust to fight against the intruder.

Ethnic leaders looking to practice political and economic witchcraft often exploit tribal, language and even religious differences to achieve corrupt aims. Witchcraft economics exists when your consumption of goods and services is not determined by your productive ability. Fortunately, there is a cure and it is Human Capital Development. Africa can rise much higher by paying greater attention to Human Capital development. We need to aggressively train the people to understand the benefits of sharing information and knowledge for the sake of shared prosperity.

Africa’s global competitiveness depends on its ability to boost the stock of human capital for leadership and overall economic productivity.

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MAgnus Kpakol GVA

About Me

He is also the founder and Chairman of the Economic Growth and Development Center (EGDC), the initiators of SHAFRI (an educational social network for kids in Africa and around the world).

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